Having used the Gallant Rotobelt sanders over the years for past employers, I have learned that they are unmatched by anything else I’ve come across.

I look forward to the near future when I have one in my own shop now that I am a business owner.

Birdman the Welder

Gallant has supplied us for years. They have built custom belt sanders and custom fabricated turn tables and has only produced #1 quality items for us.

Thanks guys and I am looking forward to doing more business with you in the future!

Rob Dow

We have been using Gallant Rotobelts for many years. The new ownership has been able to make some design updates while maintaining the quality that has made them one of the best products on the market. This with their renewed commitment to after sales service leads me to believe that we’ll be using them for many years to come.

Jim Carson

We have been using Gallant for last ~20 months. The team at Gallant has risen to the challenge of our R/D requirements 100% of the time. Excellent shop, great on time work.

Rick Thomson

I have been dealing with Gallant manufacturing for the last 12 years. Although I have been very happy with the product, the company was reluctant to make even the smallest change if we requested it. I am pleased to report that since Roger and Sheldon have purchased the company, I am extremely happy with the changes/upgrades that we have requested. Both the pricing and turnaround times have been excellent, and we look forward to working with Gallant Manufacturing in the future.

Mark Kaliciak

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