Attachment Options

Gallant has developed some additional equipment options for operator safety and comfort. These options can be purchased with your new machine or after at your convenience, all Gallant machines are designed for easily adding these options at a later date.

Parts Tray MODELS 1 thru 7

This option is designed for operator safety and convenience. Parts can be placed there before or after de-burring. This limits the clutter and possible safety hazards around the operating area.

The top is perforated to limit dust and dirt collection and for easy cleaning.

Dust Collection Attachment MODELS 1 thru 7

The dust collection attachment comes standard with a 5 inch outlet but other outlet sizes are available upon request.

This attachment is easily removable in just seconds and can be swiveled for special applications. Releasing the spring loaded pin allows the operator to lower the door quickly for sanding of longer parts.

Enclosed Dust Collection Guard MODEL 390

This guard is shown here for the model 390 but is available for models 1,3,4,6 and 7.

This is designed for complete enclosure of all moving parts and superior dust collection.

Belt changing is even faster that on our original guard design and takes only seconds. The belt changing door is insulated for better dust collection and sound reduction.